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Andovar 公司总部位于新加坡,并在哥伦比亚、印度、泰国和美国设有处事处,为全球致力于拓展新兴市场的云效劳、游戏及挪动互联网企业提供多语种的本地化效劳。

Andovar 专注于操作机器翻译技术翻译网站、公司文档、销售材料、音频、视频、字幕等,目前能够翻译和录制五十多种语言。

Languages: English to Simplified Chinese

Job deion:

Andovar is looking for an experienced Chinese lead linguist to work with us on our linguistic review project. The task involves reviewing and assessing quality of the edited content as well as provide a professional feedback. The linguists should have a strong working knowledge of localization process.

Content of the project is about facility management for large public buildings (malls, hotels, etc.) This task will take no longer than 5 hours.


• Simplified Chinese must be your first language

• Excellent command of English

• Strong linguistic background: a recognized university degree in Translation, Linguistics, or similar

• Minimum 5 years of professional experience as lead linguist/editor/reviewer

• Strong knowledge in facility management for large public buildings like malls, hotels, etc.

Interested candidates please send your detailed CV to freelance@andovar.comwith the job code [RELZHS] in a subject line of your email.

联络或面试时必然说明职位信息来自公众号:译匠。假如应聘上也欢送将成果分享给我们!第一时间获取更多优良兼职翻译工作,敬请参加 【找到组织】小程序里的【自由译员工作交换】 小组,微信搜一搜 【找到组织】在小程序主页即可找到 【自由译员工作交换】(苹果手机需要能够在微信电脑版的小程序入口点蓝字打开) ,社群内每天城市及时更新兼职订单信息,还能够交换翻译工作中的酸甜苦辣。

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