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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is difficult for teachers to be both popular(well-liked) and effective in teaching.



I work with many young, energetic and good-looking teachers who have plenty ofcharisma, and the students arecharmed. Sadly, their teaching effectiveness is not asimpressiveas their popularity. I also work with some teachers who are popular with their students for theireffectualteaching.Working with them, I understand and quiteconcur withthe idea that it is not easy tojugglepopularity and teaching effectiveness.

From the case above, it is fair to believe that a teacher can be popular even though the teacher may be not-so-competent in doing their jobsproperly.The reason is simple.【典范的短句法】The teacher islikeableas an individual without the professional role, as he or she may be easy-going,flexible,accessibleandtolerant. However, it may take the opposite to be an effective teacher, who may have to bestrict,rigid,authoritativeandresoluteand sometimes evenintimidating. For example, when students always have the chance tonegotiate with their teachers about the academic requirements and goals and are always forgiven for their misbehavior, the teachers are liked. However,it isonly when the terms and conditions in study are non-negotiableand the rules canbe bentunder few circumstancesthat【强调(条件状语)句】the teaching can be effective.

In addition,the number does not lie.【典范的额短句法】The number of the few effective and popular teachers I work with or I know represents that it is difficult for a teacher to be well liked and to be able todeliver the desired result at the same time.The logic is simple.【典范的额短句法】If it is easy, why are there so few teachers are both popular and effective?【反问句】As a matter of fact, almost all of those professionals have been teaching for long. They were unable to manage the balance when their career just started, andit had taken a lot of time and effort before they became capable【注意时态】of balancing popularity and effectiveness.

At this point, one shouldbe convinced thatit is demandingand challengingfor teachers to be both popular with learners and effective in doing what they should do. This is not denying the likelihood but acknowledging the how difficult the job is.

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