IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Universities.

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Q. 1: Is higher education too expensive in your country?
Answer: Universities in my country, that are run by the government, offer higher education for free. The cost to pursue higher education in such a university is much cheaper than that of private universities. However, the number of students seeking to enrol in post graduation courses is much higher than the actual number of seats offered by the state-run universities and colleges. As a result, many students mostly from affluent families, get admitted to private universities and pay a hefty tuition fee.
Q. 2: Should all students pay for their university education? Why?
Answer: I do not think that the university cost should be paid solely by the students and their guardians. Since the government allocate budget for the education sector and a major portion of it goes for higher education and research facilities, state-run universities must offer free education. On top of that, the government has a responsibility to spend the taxpayers' money in social welfare and free or cheap education should be a top priority.
Q. 3: What advantages do universities bring to the society? Is it the same in your country?
Answer: Universities are the lighthouse of society and they produce enlighted citizens who lead the country. Universities not only educate the youth and prepare them for their future but also carry on important research works that benefit the society as well as the country. For instance, many inventions and medicines that we are familiar with were actually the results of university projects and research. Thus universities serve both the society and the country in numerous ways that have a direct correlation with the overall development of a nation. I am proud to say that universities in my country also play the same role.
Q. 4: Which is more important, research or teaching? Why?
Answer: I think that's a tough question to answer. However, my personal opinion is that both are required. While proper teaching ensures that young students are getting the education they need to prepare themselves for future, research works, on the other hand, help solve practical problems and contribute to the advancement of the country. I also feel that more students, along with the teachers, should be involved in research works in our universities.

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