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Section 1
Questions 1-7
Corten Insurance Company
Example:Name of the client:Andrew Smith
1、Policy number:wx717435t
2、Email address:asmith@fastmail.com
Date of birth: 30 April 1972
3、Claims made in recent 3 years:he lost a bike
Claim to make this time:a laptop
4、Shop branch name:compucan
5、Current value of the item:560
6、Damage description:6. keyboard is broken
7、Usage:for family
Questions 8-10
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.
Details about the incident:
8、He was on the  train during rush hour
9、The laptop was dropped off from the seat
Action to take
10、Need to bring a  report from a laptop dealer
11-16 选择
11.、what purpose for this activity/new course?
C. Celebrate the opening of the dance studio
12、 What day is the most popular day for this centre?
B. Weekday evenings
13、 How can guests get a discount?
A. Book in advance
14、 What is the special offer?
A. Free training hour with a coach
15、 Why did they win an award?
C. offering professional advisers
16.、Why did some guests finally quit?
B. did not share experience among friends
17-20 匹配
17、General training: B. the leg strength
18、Weight training: D. better concentration
19、Aerobic training: A. release stress
20、Squash: E. quick react

21.energy harvest: G. used in small electric equipment
22.thin-film solar panel: F. can be manufactured economically
23. sports shoes: C. technology from space
24. wind turbine: A. meets energy demand globally
25. hi-tech fruit package: D. improve their quality
26. Electric sports car: B. better appearance
27-30 选择
27. Svalbard global seed Vault in the North Pole innovation’s feature?
A. store the seeds and kept them stable
28. who can use these seeds?
C. countries that buried seeds in them
29. man said why he can not do this presentation
A. he has limited knowledge
30. why not take this innovation as the topic of their presentation
C. money can be used in better ways


题型: 填空题
Questions 31-40
31、Humans migrated from Northern Asia to Alaska via a land bridge
The area consists of a dry grassland plain up to 2000 km,
The winter is cold and long with strong winds but free from ice
32、The earliest group of humans followed animal to Alaska
33、Anthropologists found similar shaped teeth in people in Northern Africa and in North America
34、The land discovered with glaciers,which makes It difficult to find  resources
35、The other evidence was in the form of weapons for hunting
Some scientists believe first settlers moved from north to south
36、But no boats have been found to support the theory
Excavations revealed dozens of people living in some huts by a stream
37、Scientists found a variety of plants in the sea, such as seaweed
However, some archaeologist did not believe the first humans arrived via Alaska.
38、They thought the climate was too bad for humans to survive in
39、They doubt the  navigational skills of the early people for such along voyage
40、People believe the theory due to there is a strong current in in the Pacific Ocean

P1: 各种材料
P2: 鸟类声音
P3: Ingenuity

Task 1 小作文:

Task 2 大作文:

Some people think the government should not spend on international aid because there are disadvantaged people in their country, such as the unemployed and homeless.
Do you agree or disagree?
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