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1.On the other hand, they are perfectly human behind their barrier of reserve , and may be quite pleased when a friendly stranger of foreigner succeeds for a time in breaking the barrier down.

2.Thus , "We need some young blood" is
often heard in organizations where the energe and modern methods of younger men are felt to be more likely to succeed than the long but partly irrelevant experience of older ones.
3.On the other hand ,if a woman's hairstyle ,make-up and clothes reveal an obvious effort to look artificially young ,she is said to "look common"and is regared with disapproval.

4.First there's shock tinged with disbelief .A moment of wonder follows .Then ,a desperate scramble to rack your brains and work out just how you've been had.
5.Magic is a deception,a disruption of that orderly mental picture where things seem to float in mid-air or coins and cards vanish in front of our eyes.
6."Maybe magicians are too careful in the way they conceal their secrets in front of an audience .They can probably get away with quite a bit more."
7."The risks of getting caught are too great; the margin of strength when men are at great heights is too small.Perhaps it is mere folly to go up again.But how can I be out of the hunt?"
8.“To refuse the adventure is to run the risk of drying up like a pea in its shell.”
9.However ,searching for needles in a hostile wind-scorched haystack of rock and ice is a perilous business.
10.These thrid-party payers are imposing ever-lower reimbursement rates on pharmacies ,which must churn out a high volume of prescritions to keep profit margins up.
【译文】这些第三方付款者使配药业得到的付还率持续走低,这必然造成 为保持利润增长而大量配药。
11.I had blind faith.
12.A white coat does not make a pharmacist.
13.Though simple and rational , this principle is not followed by the vast majority of people.The people who does what he says he will do is a rare individual who stands tall in the crowd.
14.Ashe hems and haws , there is no possible explanation he can give you that will be acceptable --be failed to meet the deadline.
15.We like to believe that others are going to follow through when we deal with them, but many simply will not.
16.If you were Cher, you could show up to make an Academy Award presentation speech wearing a bizarre creation that had more headdress than derss.
17.Others are perpetual-motion machines ,constantly shifting their weight from one foot to the other ,bobbing their shoulders ,fidgeting with their notes ,or jingling coins in their pockets .Still others turn into statues ,standing rigid and expressionless from beginning to bed.
18.Avoid flailing them about ,wringing them together ,cracking your knuckles ,or toying with your rings.
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