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Taking photos


这个话题较为新颖, 因为它涉及一些摄影术语的英文表达, 比如数码相机 (digital camera)、单反 (single-lens reflex camera)、摄影 (photography).


Q1:Do you prefer to use a phone or a camera to take photos? [Why?]

I prefer to take photos by using my phone since I can take a photo within a second and the picture quality is fabulous. All I need to do is to push the home buttonon my iPhone, swipe up onthe little camera logoin the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and press the button tosnapa photo. If I were using a camera, I would need to turn the camera on and then wait for it to load, which would probably make me miss the perfectshot.

fabulous [ˈfæbjələs] adj. 极好的

home button 主画面按钮

swipe up on... 向上滑动(图标)

logo [ˈləʊɡəʊ] n. 标识表记标帜

snap [snæp] vt. 捕捉

shot [ʃɒt] n. 镜头

Q2:What kinds of things do you like to take photos of? [Why?]

I enjoy taking photos of spectacularlandscapes such as mountains, rivers, lakes or the sunset. If I see something unusual or delightful in my daily life, such as a cute baby or a special kind of car, I take a snapshotof it. In the rare event that I see a famous person, I also enjoy taking photos to remember the occasion.

spectacular [spekˈtækjələ(r)] adj. 壮不雅观的,惊人的

snapshot [ˈsnæpʃɒt] n. 快照,抓拍

Q3:What do you do with your photos after you’ve taken them? [Why?]

After taking photos by using my smartphone, I uploadthem to my computer and then put them onto my portable hard drive. In this way, I can keep them forever and don’t need to worry about losing them. In the future, whenever I recall this moment or have free time, I can browse the stock photosthat I have taken to reminisce about old times.

upload [ˌʌpˈləʊd] vt. upload

portable [ˈpɔːtəbl] adj. 便于赐顾帮衬的

hard drive 硬盘

stock photos 储存的照片

Q4:Would you like to learn more about photography in the future? [Why/Why not?]

Due to the easeand simplicityof taking photos nowadays, I am not completely interested in learning more about photographyin the future. Many of the complexfunctions of professional cameras have been incorporated intosmartphone cameras. These features make it simple for users and they don’t need a lot of professional knowledge to take awesome photographs.

ease [iːz] n. 容易

simplicity [sɪmˈplɪsəti] n. 简单

photography [fəˈtɒɡrəfi] n. 摄影

complex [ˈkɒmpleks] adj. 复杂的

incorporate into... 融入……,合并……

awesome [ˈɔːsəm] adj. 极好的 great, good
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