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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

A group whose members think differently works more efficiently than a group whose members think the same.



Reason 1:

Lack of cohesion--- conflict

Think differently


When the different ideas contradicteach other, the group may disintegrate / dissolve.

Think alike (advantageous)

Team fabric/ cohesion gets strengthened, since ideas are alike and group members are on the same page.

Reason 2:



想到group work的目的:one shared goal.

Think differently


Group members diverge;

They are likely to work by different standards;

They may thus make no substantialprogress or no progress at all.

Think alike (advantageous)

Group members work in one direction;

They are likely to have mutual understanding;

The process of work may be seamless/ smooth;

Also, probably, one person’s absencedoes not delay the progress.



Lead-in (Topic) / 引入(论题):In work or study scenarios, there are eitherinstances where group members think differently orinstances where group members think alike.

Position / 立场:To guarantee work efficiency, I prefer a group whose members share one idea.



【中心句:宜短宜笼统】When group members hold divided opinions, the situation may be disadvantageous in either of the two following ways. One situation is that group members have divergentideas, which may contradicteach other. Not being on the same page, the members may spend plenty of time on persuading one another and make no substantial progress until they reach a consensus. 【ideas之间的非并列衔接,让步衔接】Even thoughthe members may not opposeeach other, it is likely that they work by different standards. In other words, one may have lower standards, and another’s standards are higher. With this happening, a job may not continue when it is passed from one hand to another, since the recipient is highly likely to waste time on adapting to the preceding[precede]result. For example, when a team of automotive design consists of members whose deign philosophies are different, the design may stop on the sketch and may never be put through. Even ifthe design is finally unanimously agreed on, the manufacturing may not faresmoothly if workers do not work by a universal standard.


(笼统)总结全文and 重申立场能够合并:In (the) light of (all) the above, a group may accept different voicesat the cost ofits work efficiency and may be thus undesirable. Contrarily, a group with members who have the same ideas would work with higher efficiency.


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