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Conversation 1: student/professor/course

2017 - 2 -25

内容回忆:学生去找professor说需要go over 一下他的essay,此中有几个问题,然后传授就建议学生能够多做一些话题相关的研究,比如Edgar Degas的雕像作品Little Dancer Aged Fourteen一初步材料不是青铜,而是Vex version,青铜只是一个在ED死了之后别人所造的copy,还有就是原版中的雕像动作也是和青铜版的不一样,青铜版的作品中舞者的头抬得更高一些,学生听完建议以后,感觉他的论文改起来不会太难(考点,有个态度题)。


TPO 5 C2 - Prerequisites for a film theory course.

TPO 10 C1 - How to get photographs exhibited.

TPO 17 C1 - Find materials for an opera paper.




Task 2


Children should approach computer and other electronic devices as early as possible

2.Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

It’s never acceptable to interrupt other people when they are talking.





1、 Which family member is the most similar one to you and why? Please include specific reasons and details in your explanation.

2、 If you have a chance to give a lesson in an elementary school, what topic would you like to teach? 1) How to protect the environment. 2) How to grow plants. 3) How to cook simple and healthy food. Please explain your choice with specific reasons.

3、 What suggestion would you like to give to a foreign friend who wants to study in your country? Explain how this suggestion could help your friend, include reasons and details to support your response.

4、 What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating in a fast-food restaurant?

5、 Do you think the school should encourage on-campus parking? Give specific reasons and details in your response.


1、When you disagree with your friends or family on certain things, would you like to convince them or let them keep their own opinion?

2、If you are to choose between 2 apartments to live in next semester, one apartment is near the campus but slightly expensive; the other is a little far from the campus but cheaper, which one do you prefer and why?

3、Some universities accept the students to choose a major field of study when they enter the school; while other universities wait until the second or the third year before students deciding to choose a major field of study. Which do you prefer? Why or why not?

4、When your friend is about to take a visit to your house, do you prefer them to inform you before their coming, or do you prefer a surprise visit?

5、Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? With more and more people reading in electronic format, libraries will disappear.


地质学 150613CN-P1

Early Theories of Continental Drift

The idea that the past geography of Earth was different from today is not new. The earliest maps showing the east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa probably provided people with the first evidence that continents may have once been joined together, then broken apart and moved to their present positions.


1、According to paragraph 2, Eduard Suess believed that similarities of plant and animal fossils on the southern continents were due to

A.living in the southern climate

B.crossing the land bridges

C.fossilization in the coal layers

D.movements of the supercontinent





In order to adapt to the life in university and succeed, if you are a freshman, which method do you think is better:

1、attending a one-week orientation or introduction program when you are in the university campus and before classes begin

2、meeting regularly in your first year with students in your major field who have entered the university for several years





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